• Counter-order: Chinese Power, the West and Geo-economics

    Counter-order: Chinese Power, the West and Geo-economics

    The United States (US)-led world order that has prevailed for the past few decades is being contested by rival powers such as China. A crucial aspect of great power competition is economic statecraft and China is skilfully fusing various aspects of its economic diplomacy and financial strength to undermine the US and its allies. China’s rise occurs in a specific context: the looming challenge of a more decentralised global economy marked by non-state actors and alternative currencies. Maintaining the US’ dollar dominance has emerged as a key plank of Washington’s overall grand strategy toward China, but the West still needs to collectively develop a coherent strategy for economic statecraft. This Policy Brief outlines and analyses the prevailing global economic context, the counter-order being developed by China and the growing importance of geo-economics for Western countries. 

  • Order: the Financing of Alliances and Western Power

    Russia’s war on Ukraine and the rise of China are raising serious questions about order in international politics. If the West is to have a fighting chance at maintaining its military supremacy and upholding global order, it needs to answer some fundamental questions about the United States (US)-led alliance system and what is expected of allies. This Policy Brief looks at burden-sharing in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). As the US seeks to focus its attention on China and the Indo-Pacific, greater responsibility for the security of Europe seems likely to fall on European shoulders. In a context where the US has underwritten European security for close to 80 years, and where American lives and money have been put on the line, it is long overdue that Europe do more for its own defence. 

  • EU Security and Defence – Metro Map

    In November 2021, I created a “metro map” of the major institutions, tools, strategies and processes involved in EU security and defence. The “metro map” was designed for educational purposes. Please feel free to download and use the map and thank you in advance for crediting me as the source.

    If you would like to download a higher resolution image, please click on the file below.

  • EU Security and Defence – Periodic Table

    At the end of 2020, I created a “periodic table” on EU security and defence. You are free to use the image for education purposes and thank you in advance for kindly crediting me as the source. The image is designed to provide an overview of the main EU security and defence institutional bodies, tools and processes.

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